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The Story of "Still Convicted"

Still Convicted came out of a yearning to share my journey of brokeness through the eyes of the redemptive power of God - eyes that look upon us with hope of a future that I refused to see at the time of my silent bondage. I came to realize that God also suffered our past so He could get us to His future and for this, I am thankful.

Still Convicted is not just my journey but the journey of many who have ever dared to step into the dark world of drugs and street life, a life that leads down the road of incarceration and bondage for many people in many different ways. I am sure all who read this post have in some way been touched by at least one of these two nemeses (drugs/addiction and incarceration/bondage) be it family, friend or foe.

Hopefully, Still Convicted will share the untold story of many who felt they never had a voice in their own life and recovery once the cycle was broken.

Whatever your bondage may be today, whatever your drug may be today, Still Convicted may give you insight on or reveal to you a silent killer in your life that you never reconized before now. If this is so, upon reading of this book or any other that may have brought you to a place of loving self and finding enough peace in your life to never be bound again I urge you to share YOUR story of Redemption, Reconcilation and Restoration.

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