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Eddie Howard is the Spring 2016 Vinegar Hill Society cover story

"Still Convicted" author and Charlottesville, Virginia native Eddie Howard appears on the cover of the recently released Spring 2016 issue of Vinegar Hill Society Magazine. Howard penned an article titled "Black Lives! Matter?", which appears on pages 4-5 of the digital copy.

In the article, Howard laments the elevation of self above others within the black community, noting, "Identity has seemed to slip away into a systemic landslide of violence, mistrust and an individualized mentality that is creating a culture shift, which we have begun to accept as normal." He then calls for a return to the unity of the Civil Rights Movement in lifting one another up for mutual progress.

Named for the historic African American neighborhood in Charlottesville that was razed in the 1960s in the name of "urban renewal," Vinegar Hill Society Magazine is "an independent media source, dedicated to creating a vehicle for information, resources and services relevant to the interest and development of our community today."

You may view the entire magazine here.

Vinegar Hill Society Cover

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