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Minister talks about struggles after prison in new book

The Daily Progress covered author Eddie Howard's homecoming to promote his debut book, Still Convicted: A Story of Redemption, Restoration, and Reconciliation, with a story on A18 in Sunday's paper (October 18). Howard spoke, read from, and signed copies of the book on October 17 at the Jefferson School African American Heritage Center in Charlottesville.

Howard hopes his book and speaking engagements will shed light on the plight of former felons who are "still convicted" in society's eyes long after they have served their time. He expressed his frustration to reporter Allison Wrabel in an interview just prior to the event: “Here it is 19 years later, and my background is still holding me back. I work with the ministry, own my own business, work with the court systems, I was on the board for the general district court, but yet if I go out and apply for a job, I have to put that check in that box. That’s the conviction cycle all over again. We’ve got to change that mindset.”

You may read the full Daily Progress article here.

All photos courtesy of Bryan Cornejo.

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